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About Co-Cure
by Ray Colliton

The name "Co-Cure" stands for "Co-operate and Communicate for a Cure."

The Co-Cure project started in 1996 as an e-mail list designed to facilitate the exchange of information about the illness(es) we currently call chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia among all interested parties - that is, patients, care-givers, physicians, researchers and patient advocates.

The goal of exchanging this information, of course, is to help promote the discovery of effective treatments and eventually cures. We have been able to build a fairly significant data base since Co-Cure started at


At about the same time the Co-Cure e-mail list started, so did the Co-CureWeb site. Although the Web site started as a means to promote the e-mail list, it has grown into an entity in its own right. Some 45,000 people visit the Web site at

http://www.co-cure.org/ each month.

The basic force that has motivated the Co-Cure project is a belief that by providing a place where all people interested in our illness(es) are treated with both respect and impartiality, the science necessary to help us will eventually be discovered and developed.

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